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I was blessed to have the experience of a Therapeutic Scan by a Swiss who spent an hour telling me much about myself. She was emphatic that I add this statement to my blog post:


She advised in to move ahead on my projects and also explained how I had a person in my past, my grandfather, William Eliot Delaney, who needs to be released into the light. She felt from her scanning that William Eliot had been murdered.

So some new points to work on here. Tapping of course, will be my first mode of attack. And many choices are yet available to work on this: meditation guides me to follow my intuitive hunches. I plan also to visit my Reiki Master and have a session with her. I am also open to Frank Kinslow’s very potent meditation: you can access here: or I will list this Eufeeling meditation in full below:

Let’s get started…
Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Just watch your thoughts like a movie as they easily flow across the screen of your mind. After a minute or two you will notice that your thoughts are quieter and you may even notice gaps or spaces between the thoughts. You will also notice that you are feeling somewhat quieter. You may feel less stressed or more relaxed or a little more peaceful. Being less stressed and more relaxed feels good. Now become aware of this good feeling. Is it peace, a sense of lightness or expansion, stillness or joy? This good feeling, no matter how you perceive it, is your Eufeeling. Don’t interfere with your Eufeeling. Only observe your Eufeeling to see what will happen to it. It will soon change and your job is to just watch and see how it changes. Watch with easy attention in this way for another minute or two.Now become aware of your whole body. Become aware of your head, arms, legs, and torso, inside and out, all at the same time. Become aware of what you feel in your body. As you do so, your mind will be drawn to some sensation, some specific area of pressure, discomfort, or some other feeling. It may or may not be related to the physical problem you are having. It does not matter. Wherever your mind settles in your body allow it to be there without interference. The sensation or discomfort your mind has settled on will soon change. It can expand, get stronger or dissipate or change into a different sensation. It can even move to a different part of the body. Whatever happens just observe without interfering. Do this for one or two minutes.Now easily let your mind return to your thoughts and Eufeeling. Become quietly aware of Eufeeling for a minute or two and then return to your body. Continue to alternate between your mind and body for as long as you feel comfortable. With this technique great healing is takes place rapidly in both body and mind.
It is important to do this technique without looking for results. Just do the process once or twice a day and forget about it in between. You can do this technique more often and for longer periods if you face a more severe health challenge. Results will come quickly or over time but always in time with your natural healing process. This technique can also be used to help overcome the side effects of drugs, especially harsher regimens like chemotherapy.
I’d love to hear your success stories. Leave your comments on the QE Blog or send them to me at: Enjoy…

Hugs to surround you and fill your heart with love!


Peace Corps teaches us inventiveness:

Slides for Community Content

Thanks for  watching!

I had gardened tonight until nearly dark.   Then I sat outside on a beach chair in our “leanto” watching the heat lightning brighten up the western sky.  I sit and sit and hear a peeping noise.  The noise comes closer and closer.  I see a bird, with a head similar to a cardinal, come into the fronds of the two palm trees which grow four feet away from me.  The bird’s color is indistinct because night is falling.

This bird continues peeping and I think it will fly away shortly.  But the peeping slows down and then stops.  I realize this bird has decided to sleep there tonight.

I am flabbergasted.  I am so close to this bird.  I am talking quietly with this bird.  This bird is so close to the house and the house lights outside have come on.  I sit and sit and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” because just before the bird arrived, I had been wondering if we should cut these two palms down.  They are close to the house, maybe too close, might cause trouble in a hurricane…….yet I like the wavering shadows these palms make inside and outside the house, and the birds do enjoy the fruits that appear often.  So, here is my answer, just like that, clear as a bell…….. So these two palm trees stay, yes!

So then I say to myself, as it is getting darker and darker, “For sure this bird will get up and leave once I stand up, fold the chair seat, and walk towards the house.  But no, this bird does not move nor make another peep.  I stand by the garage wondering why this is going on.  I wonder if this birds feels safer by human habitat?  I wonder if this birds knows my voice?  I wonder does this bird know it and all nature and mankind is included in our loving kindness meditations?

May you be happy.

May you be healthy,

May you be free of fear,

I do not know, but I am feeling very blessed by this guard outside the door.

Last evening had a magnificent sunset paddle out of Gill Dawg Marina.  A group of 40 paddled out to Durney Key.  We wanted to see the sunset as well as enjoy the full moon.  I enjoy paddling so very much, and I want all other people to enjoy these water adventures also.

I noticed several people paddling very hard, with all their might.  Yet they were slow going with all that energy expanded.   Should I say anything?  MYOB, mind your own business is the key until someone asks for help.

So, later as we waited to make and enjoy eating smores after the paddle, I was talking with a fellow paddler who expressed discomfort in her upper arms.  I quizzed her about her technique.   “Oh,” she says, “I keep my hands under the paddle and pull it towards me.”

HMMM, I thought…….however, the idea is to make paddling ENJOYABLE and EASY on YOUR BODY……………..

I did explain how it works best if you keep your hands very lightly on top of the paddle, and after paddle is in the water, you use your STRONG PALMS to PUSH and move EFFORTLESSLY FORWARD or BACKWARD, as the case may be.

This morning I realize how much paddling is like our lives.  We make things so difficult.  We do not believe that life can be easy and fun and make us laugh.  We trudge along thinking everything must be hard.

So, WAKE up and ENJOY today!  Please choose one thing you like to do, go out and do it, and realize the FUN that is always waiting.  YOU ARE LIGHT AND LOVE, FEEL and BE AWARE of that truth in your whole being.




Yes, we sit and watch one thing, yet here are others, in Syria, Nepal, Ukraine going through a different kind of life. Is it a matter for us to think or feel about? Do we all have to take responsibility in our hearts for creating the world as an abundant happy place for everyone?

I learned in Ukraine how many limiting ideas I kept holding onto in my life. A person had asked that I work on getting the whole town wired for Internet. I said internally, “But many places in the USA do not have this yet……” And so feeling this place in Ukraine should not have it until WE in US had it…..EEKS!

It shocked me to realize my thinking. So it is something I work on, there is abundance for ALL. We do not need to fear that giving another person something–be it love, money, trees, or ducks–will diminish us in the least.

As a matter of fact, we will grow more in the scale of ALL things worthwhile!

I now take responsibility for creating the world as happy and abundant place for me and for everyone. So, to that end I am now doing my tapping and meditations with a sense of “We……..” So as I go through the day and look for items to improve or to enjoy, I can now say, “May WE all be at peace. May WE all have abundance. May WE all realize health in or lives.”

Please try asking for things for yourself and for everyone in your world and in the whole world. Use the word “WE” when asking for help or praying for an intent.

Let me know how it goes: Does it change your relationships in any way? Does it have a spiritual side that amazes you? And as per the law of attraction, do you see your own life changing in wonderful ways?

A friend who lives in Ireland had e-mailed me this article from the newspaper Irish Mirror:

The article tells of a prior 1975 discovery of a mass grave site, this site only being investigated now in 2014.

My friend and I use tapping of Chinese acupuncture points to clear our old stories and lessen the impact of things that trigger us emotionally or physically.

Yes, this article triggered me. It opened up more of the pus under the scab unearthed after I had seen the movie Philomena. The pus seemed to relate to how church has done what the church believed was for our best, while the church benefitted economically. Please note I am using this word “church” in a general way to cover more than one denomination here.

So, reading this article brought forth ideas to tap on. I share them here, and I plan to keep working to uncover more of a solution. May these ideas help you also find more peace.

“Even though some people in the church do mean things and things to profit themselves, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings of anger and distrust.

Even though I grew up believing the church was right and knew the best for us all, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings of anger and disappointment.

Even though I believed so strongly that the church was correct, I accept my feelings of anger and disappointment.

KC: I needed to have security

TH: I felt protected by the church

EB: I was so naive.

UE: I could kick myself for believing the church and its rules.

UN: I feel so stupid.

CH: I feel so stupid and say, “Is there any good that comes out of this?”

CB: A good for me: I am learning to trust myself and my gut feelings.

UA: A good for me: am learning to trust in myself and validate my own behaviors and beliefs.

UN: A good for me: I am positive my heart and my feelings connect me to integrity.

Wrists Together: The universe is constantly looking out for my welfare.

TH: I am fearful of replacing one dogma with another.

EB: I am searching for my own true values and universal truths of our world to lead me on our common journey.

SE: I trust that being open and connected with all people of the world will help me accomplish my purpose here on earth..

UE: I trust my own guidance system.

UN: I love myself and my viewpoints.

CH: I enjoy people who calmly argue and say their positions pro and con on all topics.

CB: I speak my truth with calmness and love and joy.

UA: I listen with respect and an open mind.

UN: I digest and clear out old or toxic or misinformed ideas.

Wrists Together: I am ready to forgive those in the church.

TH: I choose to forgive people in the church; they were doing the best they could.

EB: If I forgive them, will anything change?

SE: I trust the universe will open the minds of people involved and bring about change in church.

UE: I see that all churches use all their resources to support people in their life journey.

UN: I see churches discovering their purpose to improve the lives of women, children, and men.

CH; I see a world whose people are free of fear and are able to grow to their fullest in spirit, mind, and body.

UA: I see a world where all people know they are connected and their actions show that connection.

Take three big breaths; drink some water if you are thirsty.

Please send all healing energy to Ireland.

I dare you, doctors of all kinds!

I dare you to breakaway from that TV set in your waiting room.

I dare you to encourage wellness.

I dare you to stop advertising sickness and pills and drama and all that goes with it.

Suggestion: REPLACE all of the pharmaceutical videos and supposed “health” infomercials with videos.

Yes, with videos, and what about comedies? How about you start with a Laurel and Hardy short video? Let that play for one week and see the difference in your office environment.

See how people respond when the nurse asks them, “How are you?”

See how your staff responds after one week of a lighter feeling pervading the space.

See some smiles around the office? Maybe you’ll start to see some lightness of heart in your staffs? Maybe even you will feel more like talking and laughing and sharing what is going on in your own world?

Today I am vacuuming the apartment.  I hate vacuuming.  I have to tap to get in the mood to do this necessary job.  I have to tap to let the job of vacuuming be a meditation for me.


Well, guess what?


It worked!


I was vacuuming and breathing as I moved my body back and forth with that blasted machine………..I began thinking about my sons.  I was thinking as I vacuumed and as I meditated how I love them so very much.  They know now, since they have children of their own, too, that feeling of utmost love that is unconditionally present when you look at your child.


So, was it any wonder that the following thought came into my mind?  Because I love my sons so very much, I trusted and knew with a certainty that amazed me, that they have chosen the most perfect women for them to spend the rest of their lives with.   It came to me as a revelation how perfect, as soul mates, their wives are.


It came to me that my trust in their intelligence and decision-making was at the highest level right now, and that this is because I can say without any doubts, their spouses are there for them and ready to grow entirely, that is, mentally, physically, and spiritually, with them for the rest of their lives.


OK, you  caught me, I did have to stop vacuuming because tears came to my eyes then…….


I am so blessed to know this and feel this in my heart.  Way to go, Forrest and Kevin!  You are the pride of my heart!  And I know you will continue to amaze me for the next 50+ or – years that I’ll see your learning and growth.

I subscribe to OPRAH magazine. Why do I subscribe? I like several of the authors who write for OPRAH and feel a monthly jolt of their positive energies will keep me and those people I gift the magazine to in better balance.

This month, September, 2013, I read with anticipation a wonderful article called, “What Makes You Tick,” under a monthly column written by Martha Beck, “May We Help You?” The summary encourages us to read it by saying that Martha Beck will describe how to defuse “explosive situations.” In addition, she will enable us to “Revisit emotional triggers of the past.” p. 44.

Beck uses the language of war. It appears that we all have had social minefields, “created whenever we ground our actions in some form of fear.” P. 45. Then emotional triggers are set up for us to relive and re-engage our emotions as if still living through the original “trauma-drama.” Whatever and however created, we continue to visit these minefields over and over in our lives. We are triggered by people or events and end up right back in the minefield.

Martha Beck describes a beginning method to alleviate these drama-trauma and excessive intensities by use of her three-step system called “RAT.” First, she suggests you begin to Recognize when we are in the throes of an emotional trigger. Then she says to analyze: feelings before, what is associated with that feeling, when begin, and especially, “Do I want to keep on re-creating that trauma?’ And lastly, as point three, use Beck’s system called ‘Tranquil Eyes” to make your reaction less explosive and even create fewer trauma-dramas.

EEKS, not enough! EEKS, not fast enough! I actually spoke out, “Why did you stop there?”

Here is where I suggest Martha Beck truly help people to lessen emotional intensity around these minefields. I am aghast to see that tapping/EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique; see] was not properly cited as a method to calm and release the intensity around these minefields. Tapping is a method that uses our own physical bodies to release the energy blockages that have occurred around the emotional minefield.

Understandably a system so easy to learn and also to teach and write about would help any of her readers immensely. Please, Martha Beck, do know that what you gave was, in my opinion, misleading. When there are methods such as tapping these Chinese acupuncture points for stress relief, why are you neglecting to educate?

Life will go on, yet my reaction to this article is an important sign to me.

I plan to spread the message about tapping/EFT even more strongly in this blog. Here an accepted and acknowledged expert in the helping field leaves a large reading public in the dark about the best and quickest way to defuse these emotional traumas and minefields. Why did she fail to help more people in such an open forum?

Please, any readers of this blog, go over to the and watch free videos and subscribe to the free manual to learn how to successfully work with these emotional triggers. There are also practitioners listed all across the world. And there are classes for you to attend and learn more of this system being used more extensively to lessen both emotional and physical pain. You do NOT have to continue re-living and carrying around in your energetic system these old drama-traumas the rest of your life.

Any questions? Write me below:

OK, OK, my older son had told me about blogging several years ago. He is a computer expert, and he knew I enjoyed reading and also writing very much. I began yet did not keep that blog up then. I had more life that seemed to be necessary to live, family and friends to keep up with, a move to California, volunteering with San Diego Reiki Corps, 2 years in the United States Peace Corps, Ukraine 2010-2012. All along, I was continuously studying and applying Gary Craig’s tapping methods ​via tapping called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, studying EFT then with Dawson Church, then a study and practice of massage therapy techniques in Nepal and Thailand.

Beginning to blog was a result of my tapping practice. I realized I wanted to share more of my ideas and solutions. It is also thanks to a fellow tapping coach, Christine at, that the value of sharing solutions to life’s problems became even more apparent.​ Resources ​benefiting me were available from Dawson Church, Donna Eden, Gene Monterastelli, Joan Borysenko, Rick Hanson, and others. How could I not share in this explosion of great ideas and solution-focused work​ using energy​?

What are the values of blogging?

First and foremost, blogging is a meditative practice. Instead of focusing on 77 ideas at once, in blogging, you must concentrate on one idea or theme and ​develop​ that idea in an orderly fashion. Authorities say we have over 60,000 thoughts in a day, most of these thoughts are repetitive. So, way-to-go, blogging helps your mind to be focused. Blogging would also help to train your mind to be more concise. And I notice I relax as I am writing, so it may benefit you also all around physically as well as emotionally and mentally.

Second, blogging becomes a way to open your heart more and even trust more. Yes, of course I practice daily yoga and energy practices including tapping ​and Donna Eden’s Five mInute routine​. However, blogging makes me see that what I share unconditionally and without fear opens me up and makes a difference in my feelings towards myself and all others.

Third, blogging encourages you to train your mind and become clear about what you do feel or think about a topic. Or, if no single answer, blogging is a way to record your uncertainly about a topic. I have so many ideas that are here in my drafts. I only hit that “publish” when ​I feel blog is ready to be shared with another human being. Even if my uncertainty shows in the blog, that’s ok, A blog does not need to be perfect but may be published to uncover my own feelings and thoughts and those opinions of another person who may have a reaction to my blog.​

What a relief to know blogging keeps that basic sense of always being a mind trainer. And I had worried that the art of writing, I ​very much ​enjoy writing letters, had died out… way!

Fourth, and maybe most importantly in your busy lives of so much technology and not enough listening: You will be heard. You will be heard maybe by thousands, or maybe by five people, yet know with certainly you are essential in this world. What you blog has an influence on the world around you. Your ideas and solutions and sharing are essential, just like YOU are ​ESSENTIAL ​to our world.

So, get out there and blog! ​S​tart slowly or start quickly, but share and open your heart and know that your can trust your blog to help guide and organize your feelings and thoughts in all planes of life​.​

Have you been encouraged to blog?​ Who or what is that person or event who got you started?​ Let me know……..