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“Where love is present, protection is not necessary”  

William Linville

For many students and visitors to the library, they saw and read a short saying.  I chose that particular saying and wrote the  saying in large print, I gave credit to its author, and I placed it prominently near the  library doors.  The sayings I used might have come from anyplace.  Most often the saying came from my own reading or research.  But, that particular saying had opened up questions in me:  it made me wonder……

Is it true?

Do I believe it?

Do other people believe it?

Will it change my life or my behavior if it is true?

Would other people change their lives or behaviors if the saying is true?

What do you think of this?

If love is present, then what happens to the fearfulness we experince in life?  If love is present, then do we need armed guards at schools?  If love is present, do we see our legislators asking to be replaced so new ideas might be fostered by newly elected?  If love is present in our families, do children fear parents or parents fear children?

My thoughts and feelings will continue to change and develop with each new saying I find. I like that.  That very thought makes me smile.  And so I’ll continue to feel that our force of love, whether through prayer or reiki or tapping, will make the world and all who are here engage in their lives with more attention given to that state called love.




At workshops a question arises:  “How do you start tapping?  What topic do I use if no larger memory or event or emotion comes up for me?”

Suggestions:  Why not begin with an end-of-the day scan of your body.  Then tap on any body sen sation sor pains or concern before going to sleep.

If nothing comes to mind from this body scan, then think about any event or words that seem to be stuck in your memory from that day’s happenings.  So, for example, your boss said something that made you annoyed.  Tap on that feeling and any associated body sensations that linger within you still.  Or, your partner or parent mentioned something in passing, and you still are thinking negatively of those words, then tap on what feelings remain from that.

Remember, be aware of and write down a note about any other stories or past events that may arise during tapping.  Tap on them later.

Your own personal peace procedure begins here.

I facilitate tapping workshops for the relief of physical and emotional pain.  Tapping, also known as emotional freedom technique or EFT, is a SOLUTION to many problems.

Whether one has physical pain or emotional pain, tapping is a research-based technique shown to alleviate many similar problems.  Visit the website   There you’ll see specific research aimed at alleviating PTSD in veterans successfully.

So with a sense of disbelief, I am re-reading this article about veterans:  In this article, there is no mention of the very successful method, tapping, that alleviates many of the symptoms of PTSD.  Here is an example of a successful outcome using tapping:

Write me for a free manual and chart of tapping points.

“Live fearlessly!” Anita Moorjani

I recommend reading Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me, on her NDE (near death experience) and verifiable recovery from cancer.  She concisely and quietly describes her experiences as a cancer patient.  She establishes in her own mind what causes contributed to her cancer, and she also gives us all hope of a path to wellness and joy.