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Because of tapping on a daily basis and becoming so much more aware of my own body and its joys and discomforts and feelings, I had a brilliant idea.

Experts say to “Create your day in advance.”  I had been doing that for many years.  Before attending and graduating from law school, I made sure that I created the room and the time and the intent for success.  I had also written a list of goals that probably were like a bucket list.

And after mulling over and reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I felt I was able to feel what is more ME. How am I to expereince and see life and relationships in a more fruitful and relaxed way, and also a way that is my unique way of seeing the world?  For example, I happen to LOVE taking notes.  Rubin mentions that as one of her fond things to do.  I also find it relaxing and even focusing and increasinng my creativity.  

What else?  I find my drawing and gardening so ME;  I return back from a workshop and that is all I feel like doing, sit and draw or paint or weed or plant……  Those two activities bring me back to being the unqie person I am meant to be…..and they give me back a happy spirit that emerges even after helping clients with their woes of life.

Yet it was an AHH, AHH moment when I realized:  No more To-Do list, but instead concentrate of my To-Feel List.  I plan to feel good and happy.  I intend now to have more time focused on the things that are unqiuely my spirit and loves.  So, call Regina, YES!  Grab the protractor and draw a new geometric design, YES!  Hug my partner, YES!  Call my children and rejoice in their voices, YES!

And after a week of concentrating more on my feelings, guess what?  I can tell my whole body is saying, “Good deal!  Way to go woman!  Enjoy your uniquess for all it offers!


“Where love is present, protection is not necessary”  

William Linville

For many students and visitors to the library, they saw and read a short saying.  I chose that particular saying and wrote the  saying in large print, I gave credit to its author, and I placed it prominently near the  library doors.  The sayings I used might have come from anyplace.  Most often the saying came from my own reading or research.  But, that particular saying had opened up questions in me:  it made me wonder……

Is it true?

Do I believe it?

Do other people believe it?

Will it change my life or my behavior if it is true?

Would other people change their lives or behaviors if the saying is true?

What do you think of this?

If love is present, then what happens to the fearfulness we experince in life?  If love is present, then do we need armed guards at schools?  If love is present, do we see our legislators asking to be replaced so new ideas might be fostered by newly elected?  If love is present in our families, do children fear parents or parents fear children?

My thoughts and feelings will continue to change and develop with each new saying I find. I like that.  That very thought makes me smile.  And so I’ll continue to feel that our force of love, whether through prayer or reiki or tapping, will make the world and all who are here engage in their lives with more attention given to that state called love.