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Today is a day to think about absolutes and the roles they have played in your life. I came to this after humorously thinking how far I’d come and what absolutes I had overcome in my life. I got to thinking about my brother and his girlfriend saying, “You’ll never finish that.” Or, another professional telling me, “You’ll always be that way.” And maybe I had also held onto a few absolutes that I thought were true also………..

So, what absolutes have you been told by others? Here are a few examples:

“You’ll never be college material.”

“You’ll never make it in that world.”

“You’ll never be any different!”

“You’ll never complete that….schooling or training or program.”

And, think about what absolutes you have told yourself or continue telling, yourself:

“I’ll never be good enough for that relationship.”

“I cannot ever finish that……training or program.”

“I’m always going to be……alone, depressed, overweight, tired.”

“They’ll never believe I can do…..that job, presentation, education.”

“I’ll never earn more than…………..”

I suggest you can work on any of these absolutes and free yourself from these helpless feelings embedded in your energy system.

Which absolute do you want to work on today?

You have a potential solution in your hands with tapping/EFT emotional Freedom technique. (Also see

Here’s how to do it:

Rate on a scale of “0” to “10” your belief in the absolute you have hanging around your neck. A “1” is a low belief in the absolute; a “10” is an overwhelming feeling that this absolute is true and nothing ever may be done about it.

Tap on your sore point or on the karate point and say, “Even though I’ll never………..(insert one from above or from your own feelings), I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings. Tap on your karate point 3 times while saying that phrase or a similar phrase.

Then tap 7 to 10 times along the following points saying a short phrase, “Never be able to….”:

Tap where eyebrows start at the bridge of your nose;

Tap on side of eye on bone;

Tap under eye in the center on the bone;

Tap under your nose;

Tap uner your lips;

Tap using hand in a full fist on collarbone point just under the “U” of collarbone;

Tap about 4 inches under armpit;

And then Tap inside of wrists together while taking several deep breaths.

Reassess your belief in these absolutes. Keep tapping until you get relief in your absolute belief intensity to a “O” or maybe a “1”.

IF a story comes up while tapping on your absolute, plese write this story down. This story will be fuel for another tapping session. Right now all we’d like to do is feel some relief in your energetic system from the stress of an embedded absolute.

Tell me how it goes. All success in tapping!

Tell me how it goes!

I wish you success wiht tapping.


Uwem Akpan had written a book of short stories that are fiction.  The title is:  Say You’re One of Them.  He feels we would “sit for a while with people we would rather not meet,” if we meet those same people in a book of fiction instead of in real life.

So who does Uwem Akpan want us to meet?  He is a Catholic priest who wants us to meet children.  Not just any children, but those who have experienced the horrors of life in war-torn Africa.

We meet in his book fellow human beings who have learned about the strength to carry on in life.  Young people, faced with the threat of trafficking or the multiple threats of war-torn life, still can manage to find goodness in life.  We read about Good Samaritans like Mallam Abdullaki who can save people, whether Muslim or Christian, by hiding them under his family’s prayer mats.  We read about Smiley Kpee who has a change of heart in trafficking his nephew and nieces.  We read that  “Hugzee, hugzee,” can still be sent to a Muslim Best Friend Selam who is able to understand a covert conversations from her balcony.  And what do we learn?

We learn to appreciate that what makes these children so strong is that they do carry on, as far as they are able, because they discover an inkling of kindness and of goodness in life from other people around them..  And they can appreciate knowing that fellow humans can be kind and attempt to save lives, even if not at first.

Yes, we are the world and we can look.  We can read these five fictional stories and let them soak into our energetic being.  We can understand that evil exists and then look for and focus on all the kindnesses of people that we meet.



 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi.

What are some things I could be the change for better in this world?

People complaining about illness all the time.

People who feel once they become 40, or 50, or 60 or 70 or 80,  life is over and not much remains to be enjoyed.

Babies who are not loved and touched kindly and affectionately.

Adults who are not loved and touched kindly and affectionately.

People who fear other nationalities or credes.

Here are some potential solutions:

I plan to keep discomfort and bitching and gossiping to a minimum.  I’ll tap while complaining or bitching and fill myself energetically with relief, peace, and joy.

I plan to keep active and energetic by doing some exercise each day and volunteering for as long as possible.

I plan to keep teaching workshops on tapping so each adult knows of self love;  foster love, kindness, and affection to rule in each energetic being.

I’ll encourage and spend time and money on movies and tv shows that focus on cooperation between nationalities

Tell me:

What change do you feel you can be that will improve what you see happening in this world of ours?

I was coaching a new client who was unable to get past the movie title to their traumatic event.  I questioned them to find when problem started, what was their body trying to tell them, colors, shapes, and also how their life would be different if this movie had never happened.

We had tapped the movie title down to a low level.  We also tapped down the worry that they would not ever be not ready to release this movie from their life.

I had given client homework to do based on client’s own words.  They would tap each day on these phrases before returning to our next tapping session.

Client then asked.  Could they videotape me doing the tapping while speaking the set up phrases and reminder phrases.?  He felt he’d then have an easier time doing the homework I had given him.  Of course, no problem.

Then the idea came to me:  why not have the client videotape themsleves on their own iphone.? The client could do the tapping while also speaking the set up statements and reminder phrases.


Client was coached to tap and speak the full tapping basic recipe for three relevant set up and reminder phrasex.  Client videotaped themselves speaking the three statements successfully.  cCient was very appreciative of this ability to watch themselves tapping.

How about that?  Here we can use mirroring of the client’s behavior to reinforce the effects of the homework tapping sessions.

I very much enjoy this new technology for its value as a solution-based idea to be used successfully with tapping.


Money Drama: Tapping Script for When You Recognize You NEED Drama about Money
I had an AH HA moment when traveling recently. I am a former United States Peace Corps Volunteer, 2010-2012 in Ukraine, and had visited USA and returned to Ukraine to visit my partner Mike and to teach tapping. Then, I traveled to India, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. The AH HA knowledge came about because the fluctuations in the local currency exchange rates were not easy and not capable of being always calculated immediately in my head. The joy of traveling includes changing currency. You’re planning to not have too much “excess” cash left from one country and yet have enough to get over to airport. I had been tapping and using exercises from Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance,, and realized I still had blockages in this area of money. Tapping allowed me to clear this blockage.

So, I went shopping before I left Kathmandu and flew to Bangkok. The AH HA moment was this: How did I do this? And how had I so many times in my life I had “mysteriously” done the same? When I shopped, I realized I actually had an automatic sensor that made me shop until I got CLOSE TO BUT NOT OVER the money needed to get to the airport. So, the very act of shopping until almost all money exhausted brought many aspects of money to mind. I thought and tapped two rounds:

Even though I have this feeling I need to spend almost all of the money in my pockets, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

But wait, more came up: Why did I need to do this? Why was a similar feeling, like I had in university, of stress coming over me? How did I also mysteriously always have “just enough money” left to pay the necessary accounts……..BUT felt worried and stressed out because my calculations had cut it so very close? Thoughts of university fears came crashing into my head. Two more rounds of tapping:

Even though I was fearful of getting the university tuition paid on time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Now, a long string of similar events came to my mind, and I did several tapping rounds on each:

Even though I was fearful of paying law school tuition on time, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

Even though I was fearful of paying monthly installments for the orthodontic work for my children, I deep and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I was fearful of how to pay off that mortgage, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I was fearful of getting the money together for……(please add in your event here)……, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Wait, there was more: Thoughts about how money was handled in my family house came into my head. Dad had full control of money. Mom had to ask for any money for anything. Money in my family brought up a feeling of fear and of drama, “Do you NEED it now?” When is it due; Is it due tomorrow?” “You should have asked sooner.” “Why do you need those pants?” “Why do you need those shorts?” “Why does school ask for that?” The feelings about money were that money was never easily acquired. There was a sense of fear and drama because when you needed something, you had waited until the last minute. Fear and uncertainty became normal about money. “Would I get this request?” “What could happen if money did not come through?” Money equated, in my mind, in addition to fear, a sense of uncertainty that was drama. Drama had become irrevocably linked with anything to do about money.

Had this drama become a necessity in all money matters? Or, possibly a rise in the cortisol level was demanded as explained below and by Dr. Dawson Church?

Even though I grew up with fear and drama in my life over money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am an adult with a need for fear and drama in my life about money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am addicted to feeling fear and drama whenever I have any dealings with money, I am an ok woman.
Now comes the great part: This realization was made: Do I have to carry that fear and drama around with me the rest of my life? Is it possible to be free of that fear and drama and move ahead confidently and securely? I can change this! I know how to tap. Now, I am not at the whims of past conditioning: So, tapping several rounds visualizing my future with money, I said:

Even though I used to feel anything involving money must involve lots of fear and drama, I now choose to be relaxed and contented about money.

Even though I needed to feel drama about money and its use, I plan to spend appropriately and to save appropriately, and I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

More of an opening came then. Now, in adult hood, how did these fearful situations seem to arise? Who made these situations arrive? The law of attraction involves what I am focusing on and feeling. Could it be I am responsible for this fear and addiction to drama? Could it be I set up these situations so I could enjoy this fear and drama? That fear and drama about money matters are what I had become used to all of my life. That was a big mental leap here. I realized I was setting up the situations where I could be fearful about money and could have that sense of drama. More tapping, and yet now with a sense of lightness and freedom appearing:

Even though I set up the situations about money to have that fear and sense of drama I’ve come to expect, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I used to set up fearful, dramatic experiences about money, I plan to see other options in experiencing the energy that is money.

Already a smile filled my face and my mind and my heart.

Follow up: I used this script with a friend to also check if clearing a money block this way made sense to them. We had a fruitful and energy-blockage clearing tapping session.

Happily, I see changes in so many of my behaviors about money. I feel a sense of peace and a lack of stress about money matters. I am excited to know that drama is no longer needed. I plan to continue growing using my own personal peace procedure as well as working along with other tapping practitioners.