I was coaching a new client who was unable to get past the movie title to their traumatic event.  I questioned them to find when problem started, what was their body trying to tell them, colors, shapes, and also how their life would be different if this movie had never happened.

We had tapped the movie title down to a low level.  We also tapped down the worry that they would not ever be not ready to release this movie from their life.

I had given client homework to do based on client’s own words.  They would tap each day on these phrases before returning to our next tapping session.

Client then asked.  Could they videotape me doing the tapping while speaking the set up phrases and reminder phrases.?  He felt he’d then have an easier time doing the homework I had given him.  Of course, no problem.

Then the idea came to me:  why not have the client videotape themsleves on their own iphone.? The client could do the tapping while also speaking the set up statements and reminder phrases.


Client was coached to tap and speak the full tapping basic recipe for three relevant set up and reminder phrasex.  Client videotaped themselves speaking the three statements successfully.  cCient was very appreciative of this ability to watch themselves tapping.

How about that?  Here we can use mirroring of the client’s behavior to reinforce the effects of the homework tapping sessions.

I very much enjoy this new technology for its value as a solution-based idea to be used successfully with tapping.