Last evening had a magnificent sunset paddle out of Gill Dawg Marina.  A group of 40 paddled out to Durney Key.  We wanted to see the sunset as well as enjoy the full moon.  I enjoy paddling so very much, and I want all other people to enjoy these water adventures also.

I noticed several people paddling very hard, with all their might.  Yet they were slow going with all that energy expanded.   Should I say anything?  MYOB, mind your own business is the key until someone asks for help.

So, later as we waited to make and enjoy eating smores after the paddle, I was talking with a fellow paddler who expressed discomfort in her upper arms.  I quizzed her about her technique.   “Oh,” she says, “I keep my hands under the paddle and pull it towards me.”

HMMM, I thought…….however, the idea is to make paddling ENJOYABLE and EASY on YOUR BODY……………..

I did explain how it works best if you keep your hands very lightly on top of the paddle, and after paddle is in the water, you use your STRONG PALMS to PUSH and move EFFORTLESSLY FORWARD or BACKWARD, as the case may be.

This morning I realize how much paddling is like our lives.  We make things so difficult.  We do not believe that life can be easy and fun and make us laugh.  We trudge along thinking everything must be hard.

So, WAKE up and ENJOY today!  Please choose one thing you like to do, go out and do it, and realize the FUN that is always waiting.  YOU ARE LIGHT AND LOVE, FEEL and BE AWARE of that truth in your whole being.