Today is a day to think about absolutes and the roles they have played in your life. I came to this after humorously thinking how far I’d come and what absolutes I had overcome in my life. I got to thinking about my brother and his girlfriend saying, “You’ll never finish that.” Or, another professional telling me, “You’ll always be that way.” And maybe I had also held onto a few absolutes that I thought were true also………..

So, what absolutes have you been told by others? Here are a few examples:

“You’ll never be college material.”

“You’ll never make it in that world.”

“You’ll never be any different!”

“You’ll never complete that….schooling or training or program.”

And, think about what absolutes you have told yourself or continue telling, yourself:

“I’ll never be good enough for that relationship.”

“I cannot ever finish that……training or program.”

“I’m always going to be……alone, depressed, overweight, tired.”

“They’ll never believe I can do…..that job, presentation, education.”

“I’ll never earn more than…………..”

I suggest you can work on any of these absolutes and free yourself from these helpless feelings embedded in your energy system.

Which absolute do you want to work on today?

You have a potential solution in your hands with tapping/EFT emotional Freedom technique. (Also see

Here’s how to do it:

Rate on a scale of “0” to “10” your belief in the absolute you have hanging around your neck. A “1” is a low belief in the absolute; a “10” is an overwhelming feeling that this absolute is true and nothing ever may be done about it.

Tap on your sore point or on the karate point and say, “Even though I’ll never………..(insert one from above or from your own feelings), I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings. Tap on your karate point 3 times while saying that phrase or a similar phrase.

Then tap 7 to 10 times along the following points saying a short phrase, “Never be able to….”:

Tap where eyebrows start at the bridge of your nose;

Tap on side of eye on bone;

Tap under eye in the center on the bone;

Tap under your nose;

Tap uner your lips;

Tap using hand in a full fist on collarbone point just under the “U” of collarbone;

Tap about 4 inches under armpit;

And then Tap inside of wrists together while taking several deep breaths.

Reassess your belief in these absolutes. Keep tapping until you get relief in your absolute belief intensity to a “O” or maybe a “1”.

IF a story comes up while tapping on your absolute, plese write this story down. This story will be fuel for another tapping session. Right now all we’d like to do is feel some relief in your energetic system from the stress of an embedded absolute.

Tell me how it goes. All success in tapping!

Tell me how it goes!

I wish you success wiht tapping.