At workshops a question arises:  “How do you start tapping?  What topic do I use if no larger memory or event or emotion comes up for me?”

Suggestions:  Why not begin with an end-of-the day scan of your body.  Then tap on any body sen sation sor pains or concern before going to sleep.

If nothing comes to mind from this body scan, then think about any event or words that seem to be stuck in your memory from that day’s happenings.  So, for example, your boss said something that made you annoyed.  Tap on that feeling and any associated body sensations that linger within you still.  Or, your partner or parent mentioned something in passing, and you still are thinking negatively of those words, then tap on what feelings remain from that.

Remember, be aware of and write down a note about any other stories or past events that may arise during tapping.  Tap on them later.

Your own personal peace procedure begins here.