I facilitate tapping workshops for the relief of physical and emotional pain.  Tapping, also known as emotional freedom technique or EFT, is a SOLUTION to many problems.

Whether one has physical pain or emotional pain, tapping is a research-based technique shown to alleviate many similar problems.  Visit the website eftuniverse.com   There you’ll see specific research aimed at alleviating PTSD in veterans successfully.

So with a sense of disbelief, I am re-reading this article about veterans:

http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/16/us/baffling-rise-in-suicides-plagues-us-military.html?_r=0  In this article, there is no mention of the very successful method, tapping, that alleviates many of the symptoms of PTSD.  Here is an example of a successful outcome using tapping:


Write me for a free manual and chart of tapping points.