A friend who lives in Ireland had e-mailed me this article from the newspaper Irish Mirror:


The article tells of a prior 1975 discovery of a mass grave site, this site only being investigated now in 2014.

My friend and I use tapping of Chinese acupuncture points to clear our old stories and lessen the impact of things that trigger us emotionally or physically.

Yes, this article triggered me. It opened up more of the pus under the scab unearthed after I had seen the movie Philomena. The pus seemed to relate to how church has done what the church believed was for our best, while the church benefitted economically. Please note I am using this word “church” in a general way to cover more than one denomination here.

So, reading this article brought forth ideas to tap on. I share them here, and I plan to keep working to uncover more of a solution. May these ideas help you also find more peace.

“Even though some people in the church do mean things and things to profit themselves, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings of anger and distrust.

Even though I grew up believing the church was right and knew the best for us all, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings of anger and disappointment.

Even though I believed so strongly that the church was correct, I accept my feelings of anger and disappointment.

KC: I needed to have security

TH: I felt protected by the church

EB: I was so naive.

UE: I could kick myself for believing the church and its rules.

UN: I feel so stupid.

CH: I feel so stupid and say, “Is there any good that comes out of this?”

CB: A good for me: I am learning to trust myself and my gut feelings.

UA: A good for me: am learning to trust in myself and validate my own behaviors and beliefs.

UN: A good for me: I am positive my heart and my feelings connect me to integrity.

Wrists Together: The universe is constantly looking out for my welfare.

TH: I am fearful of replacing one dogma with another.

EB: I am searching for my own true values and universal truths of our world to lead me on our common journey.

SE: I trust that being open and connected with all people of the world will help me accomplish my purpose here on earth..

UE: I trust my own guidance system.

UN: I love myself and my viewpoints.

CH: I enjoy people who calmly argue and say their positions pro and con on all topics.

CB: I speak my truth with calmness and love and joy.

UA: I listen with respect and an open mind.

UN: I digest and clear out old or toxic or misinformed ideas.

Wrists Together: I am ready to forgive those in the church.

TH: I choose to forgive people in the church; they were doing the best they could.

EB: If I forgive them, will anything change?

SE: I trust the universe will open the minds of people involved and bring about change in church.

UE: I see that all churches use all their resources to support people in their life journey.

UN: I see churches discovering their purpose to improve the lives of women, children, and men.

CH; I see a world whose people are free of fear and are able to grow to their fullest in spirit, mind, and body.

UA: I see a world where all people know they are connected and their actions show that connection.

Take three big breaths; drink some water if you are thirsty.

Please send all healing energy to Ireland.