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Tap, tap, tap, what are we to do when friends and relatives speak a litany of illnesses and tests?  Yes, exactly that, tap, tap, tap on those Chinese acupuncture points as you listen with your whole heart and soul and every ounce of your spirit.

No lengthy comments are needed.  Just do an active listening murmur every so often, “Ahh ha,” or “I hear you,” or even “What a pity.”

Compassion is great and highly recommended.  Beware, however, you do not need to take on that person’s complaint or illness or allow your empathy to run wild.  Use energy mathematics and tap while hearing the list of malaise.  Know that tapping keeps your own cortisol level lower and so you feel free to listen, without a reaction, without taking on that person’s emotional state.  And, great news, listening has not been called a source of contagion!

Also, why not do energy preventive measures?  If you know each day you call them with a sincere wish to send that person love and concern, then prepare yourself.  Keep yourself centered and grounded.

Centering may be as easy as raising your arms high over head and bringing them down and around your body to visualize your arms resting securely in the deep earth.  And visualize a white light, or whatever color you may feel safe in, around your entire body.   That protective bubble exists all day and all night.  Know and visualize that any negative words or thoughts or feelings from another will be blocked.  Those negativities will be bounced right back to the sender tout de suite.

Enjoy your listening skills that will become stronger and stronger with this practice.


Thank you, Gandhi!
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi.

What are some things I be the change for better in this world?

People complaining about illness all the time.

People who feel once they become 40, or 50, or 60 or 70 or 80, life is over and not much remains to be enjoyed.

Babies who are not loved and touched kindly and affectionately.

Adults who are not loved and touched kindly and affectionately.

People who fear other nationalities or credes.

Here are some potential solutions:

I plan to keep discomfort and bitching and gossiping to a minimum. I’ll tap while complaining or bitching and fill myself energetically with relief, peace, and joy.

I plan to keep active and energetic by doing some exercise each day and volunteering for as long as possible.

I plan to keep teaching workshops on tapping so each adult knows of self love; foster love, kindness, and affection to rule in each energetic being.

I’ll encourage and spend time and money on movies and tv shows that focus on cooperation between nationalities

Tell me:

What change do you feel you can be that will improve what you see happening in this world of ours?

A tv was blaring loudly as we three entered a doctor’s office. We were the only people there, one a patient, two others present were family members. While waiting I had picked up a business card of this doctor, thinking it might be useful in the future.

I sit and read in a magazine that aging and memory are better served by fewer hours of tv watching. TV watching stops you from doing physical activities, from having relationships, from learning new things. The bottom line is: TV watching does not build new neural connections to help us in keeping dementia at bay.

I walk up and explain to receptionist about keeping our brains healthy, and I show her the magazine article. I ask to turn off the TV.

Then the patient and one patient member go with patient into screening room. I am left alone in office.

Receptionist comes out from behind the glass of office to say, “Patients want to watch TV.” Receptionist turns on tv. receptionist does not even wait to discuss this; receptionist walks quickly out of the office and down the sidewalk to another office. Now what was that about? This surprised me since no other people had entered this waiting room…………….

Guess what?

I ripped up this doctor’s business card.

The receptionist sets a tone for any office. If this is how the receptionist works and handles customer service, then I prefer to go elsewhere. I appreciate this receptionist’s feelings for other patients, especially when they are present. However, when only one person is there, and that person has requested TV be turned off for potential brain health, this was not a good example to see nor experience.

What do you feel?