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Recently I had visited Ukraine again with my partner. We flew in during the week September 11 to September 18th. It was an interesting trip. So now that we have delivered your Letter of Hope to our friends in Peace Corps and our friends in Vinnytsia, I feel I must express my feelings.

It was my first experience in traveling to a war-torn country, and I admit I was not sure what to expect. I enrolled with both the UK and US Embassies to let them know where we would be staying. Yet also I concentrated on sending love to all parties involved, and most especially sent healing energy to friends we had made. There were many sensation that arose. We continued to act as if all was well, and on the surface, all appeared to be. We experienced several closed places in public transportation, but nothing like those disruptions that Ukrainians in the eastern areas were experiencing.

So, people keep asking, “What was it like? How are people handing this?”

My answer upon reflection:

I sense Ukrainians are depressed, suffering with the pain of loss. This loss is like losing a sibling to death. Compare it to losing a favorite older brother or sister who dies unexpectedly. The loss involves so much more than what is revealed in the factoids covered in newspapers.

You, the surviving sibling ask, “Why is this happening? Why are unprovoked hostilities breaking out when we have done nothing to upset? We used to feel taken care of by Russia. Now, we are attacked and Russia is killing off its own family, its own brothers and sisters. What is this and please, we are fearful, how will it all end? We watch and see soldiers returning to the hospital seriously wounded, and this is during a cease-fire time. How can we go on? What does all of this mean? What will happen now to the rest of my family?”

Waves of grief overcome the Ukrainians as they contemplate and wonder. All those years of Russia watching out for the younger sibling, Ukraine, where has that family feeling gone to now?. Waves of grief and waves of understanding a new reality: yes, Ukraine is a country and yes, patriotism is needed at a time like this. No longer can we hide our heads and say, “Let them take care of it.” Ukrainians are now becoming responsible, no longer feeling the older brother will take charge and they can just sit and watch and feel entitled.

I continue to send love and thoughts of energetic healing to all, the Ukrainians as well as the Russians so this family of man sees how it is all connected. I ask that all appreciate their history, feel the joy it brings to be part of a family, yet also remain aware that change is what moves our whole system, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Those people/things/organizations that do not change and grow, they die off. Those people/ things/organizations willing to learn and work at improvements for all people, those people/things/organizations will grown and be healthy and prosper.

All love and laughter and health to you!


A tv was blaring loudly as we three entered a doctor’s office. We were the only people there, one a patient, two others present were family members. While waiting I had picked up a business card of this doctor, thinking it might be useful in the future.

I sit and read in a magazine that aging and memory are better served by fewer hours of tv watching. TV watching stops you from doing physical activities, from having relationships, from learning new things. The bottom line is: TV watching does not build new neural connections to help us in keeping dementia at bay.

I walk up and explain to receptionist about keeping our brains healthy, and I show her the magazine article. I ask to turn off the TV.

Then the patient and one patient member go with patient into screening room. I am left alone in office.

Receptionist comes out from behind the glass of office to say, “Patients want to watch TV.” Receptionist turns on tv. receptionist does not even wait to discuss this; receptionist walks quickly out of the office and down the sidewalk to another office. Now what was that about? This surprised me since no other people had entered this waiting room…………….

Guess what?

I ripped up this doctor’s business card.

The receptionist sets a tone for any office. If this is how the receptionist works and handles customer service, then I prefer to go elsewhere. I appreciate this receptionist’s feelings for other patients, especially when they are present. However, when only one person is there, and that person has requested TV be turned off for potential brain health, this was not a good example to see nor experience.

What do you feel?