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Tap, tap, tap, what are we to do when friends and relatives speak a litany of illnesses and tests?  Yes, exactly that, tap, tap, tap on those Chinese acupuncture points as you listen with your whole heart and soul and every ounce of your spirit.

No lengthy comments are needed.  Just do an active listening murmur every so often, “Ahh ha,” or “I hear you,” or even “What a pity.”

Compassion is great and highly recommended.  Beware, however, you do not need to take on that person’s complaint or illness or allow your empathy to run wild.  Use energy mathematics and tap while hearing the list of malaise.  Know that tapping keeps your own cortisol level lower and so you feel free to listen, without a reaction, without taking on that person’s emotional state.  And, great news, listening has not been called a source of contagion!

Also, why not do energy preventive measures?  If you know each day you call them with a sincere wish to send that person love and concern, then prepare yourself.  Keep yourself centered and grounded.

Centering may be as easy as raising your arms high over head and bringing them down and around your body to visualize your arms resting securely in the deep earth.  And visualize a white light, or whatever color you may feel safe in, around your entire body.   That protective bubble exists all day and all night.  Know and visualize that any negative words or thoughts or feelings from another will be blocked.  Those negativities will be bounced right back to the sender tout de suite.

Enjoy your listening skills that will become stronger and stronger with this practice.


Thank you, Gandhi!
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi.

What are some things I be the change for better in this world?

People complaining about illness all the time.

People who feel once they become 40, or 50, or 60 or 70 or 80, life is over and not much remains to be enjoyed.

Babies who are not loved and touched kindly and affectionately.

Adults who are not loved and touched kindly and affectionately.

People who fear other nationalities or credes.

Here are some potential solutions:

I plan to keep discomfort and bitching and gossiping to a minimum. I’ll tap while complaining or bitching and fill myself energetically with relief, peace, and joy.

I plan to keep active and energetic by doing some exercise each day and volunteering for as long as possible.

I plan to keep teaching workshops on tapping so each adult knows of self love; foster love, kindness, and affection to rule in each energetic being.

I’ll encourage and spend time and money on movies and tv shows that focus on cooperation between nationalities

Tell me:

What change do you feel you can be that will improve what you see happening in this world of ours?

What could we life coaches do for people who gain a secondary reward from being sick or in pain?  Is there an effective way with tapping to guide them to the idea that rewards may be available elsewhere?

Let’s imagine we are a sick child.  Remember from childhood how many of us were treated.  We had attention and care from a parent or caregiver  We were given special foods, different from that eaten by the rest of the family.  Someone hugged us and made noises of caring and appreciation about us and our illness.    Maybe we did not have to do something, like go to school or to another obligation.  Now, do you feel the love and coziness and comfort surrounding us?

So, now as an adult, of course, we feel that need for love and closeness.  We turn to pain or sickness to see if we may again achieve what we had in childhood.  So what are some possible things to do so these wonderful rewards are brought in from sources other than pain or illness?

We could all sing many many vereses of, “Every little cell in my body is healthy….” sung to the tune of  “Shortning Bread” while tapping: up and down our arms, then up and down our legs, then top of head to tap finally on our butts.

“Every little cell in my body is healthy, Every little cell in my body is well,          [tap up and down arms, first left, then right]

Every little cell in my body is healthy, Every little cell in my body is well.            [tap up and down legs, first left, then right]

Feels so good, Feels so swell, Every little cell in my body is well;                           [tap top of head, tap cheekbones, collarbone, then buttocks]

Feels so good, Feels so swell, Every little cell in my body is well.”                         [repeat]

At the very least, I find people that I lead in singing this song get laughing a lot.  🙂  And that has always helped the person I’m coaching to move ino a new choice.

Or, how about I stop judging and criticizing this need of a person for comfort and love?  How about I learn to accept this need as a necessary component of every person’s life?  And I learn to open my heart more to send them all love and thoughts of safety?

Maybe these same people will grow and learn to choose other methods to get these rewards.  Or, maybe not.  Does it matter in the greater scheme of things?  Not really, the only observation is they may have had more fun in life.  And that I believe everyone deserves.